Whitney & Christopher

There is something about elopements that get me all squishy inside and Whitney & Christopher’s elopment just put me over the top. Whitney & Christopher’s love filled the air when they tied the knot privately surrounded by California’s redwoods in Shelter Cove, California. Congratulations Whitney & Christopher! Your greatest adventure has just begun! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and a long and happy marriage.  Thank you for letting With Love & Petals be a part of you special day.

Wedding Date: 5/26/15

The love of my Life and I met on a online match making website called eHarmony. I never thought I would be the woman that says she found her soul mate online but I did. We started talking online at the end of October of last year and by November 20th we had our first date. It was perfect. After that we were inseparable. Unfortunately we lived almost 2 hours away from each other. The days he was off work he would drive to come see me even though it was for only 30 minutes on my break from work. There were times where I would drive over to see him when I got off work and I wouldn’t get there until 6pm and then get up early the next day to make it back to work on time but we made it work.

On March 7th 2015, Chris asked me to spend forever with him. I said YES! I was so surprised and felt so blessed to have such a romantic, compassionate, and loving man.


I was never fond of big weddings and secretly always wanted to elope. To me they seemed magical. I didnt want a big, elaborate wedding that cost tons of money. I also didn’t want the stress that comes along with those types of weddings.

We both love adventure and wanted to elope somewhere we haven’t been before. Chris knew I wanted to see a black sand beach and did some research and he found Shelter Cove, Ca. The pictures we saw were breathtaking. After doing more research on the area we found that Avenue of the Giants was close to that area. After seeing pictures of those huge trees, I knew that’s where I wanted to get married.

The day before we say “I do”, Chris and I spent the day exploring to find that perfect spot for us. It didnt take long. We found this huge tree with clovers all around it. It felt magical.

I decided I wanted to walk from behind the tree to chris for the first look. I was so nervous but extremely happy as well. I was trying my best to not cry. It was a special moment that I will never forget.

My favorite part of our enchanting elopement, was the picnic we did afterwards. It was so intimate. We had a small red velvet cake by Ramone’s bakery & cafe.

Its made me a better person and its nice to have someone that you can totally be 100 % yourself at all times and not be judged.

The best thing about being married is that I now have a permanent adventure buddy to do life with. The first time I called Chris my husband, I felt proud. My advice for other newlyweds is ” happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers, great communication is worth working hard on, and never go to sleep with an argument unsettled.”

Whitney & Christopher’s wedding set was made out of book pages from a book from the Harry Potter series and tea stained to match the natural beauty of the redwoods.Photos were taken by Leon Villagomez Photography

Whitney’s Bouquet: Harry Potter Rustic Themed Round Book Page Bouquet
Christopher’s Boutonniere: The Brent Book Page Boutonieere
Flower crown by Serenity Crystal on etsy
Officant by gala events & weddings
Cake by Ramones Bakery & Cage

For more photos on Whitney & Christopher’s wedding click here

Custom DIY Napkins

Photo Source: www.pinterest.com

As a bride, you want to customize every single detail to fit you and your soulmate’s life. Include favorite colors, love letters into your flowers (yes we can do that), monograms, programs, dishes and even down to having your names put on napkins that your guests will use during cocktail hour. We’ve stumbled upon an easy inexpensive way to create your own customized napkins using some ink and a rubber stamp. Round up a few of your nearest and dearest because this DIY project will have you at hello.


  1. Cocktail Napkins
  2. Rubber Stamp
  3. Ink

Step 1
Apply ink to a rubber stamp of your choice making sure that the entire design has ink
Step 2
Carefully stamp the napkin
Step 3
Let dry
Step 4
Repeat the process if necessary

Easy-peasy right?

Just as any easy DIY project there are a few small yet major things to look out for. We recommend that you practice stamping on some napkins before committing to an unpracticed routine. Look out for smudging, bleeding, hard-to-ink spots on your rubber stamp and purchase an ink pad that will not run because if and when one of your guest gets that napkin wet, you want to make sure that your stamp job can withstand the terrors of liquids and make up and especially you’ll want the ink to remain on the napkin and not transfer onto your guests face. Papersushi has done an awesome job of testing different brands of ink pads to find the best out of the bunch and we highly recommend that you check that article out –> click here to see the article.





Traditional Anniversary Presents

As a paper florist, I get a lot of requests to create something for weddings and just recently, I have gotten a few requests to make a bouquet for a 1st anniversary present and then it hit me–paper is  the traditional gift for the first anniversary.

Giving gifts is hard for some, especially if you want to give the most perfect-est gift ever! To give you a some gift giving inspiration, here is a list of traditional and modern gifts loved ones have received and given for years.

Anniversary Traditional Modern
1st Paper Clocks
2nd Cotton China
3rd Leather Crystal/Glass
4th Fruit/Flowers Appliances
5th Wood Silverware
6th Candy/Iron Wood
7th Wool/Copper Desk Sets
8th Pottery/Bronze Linens/Lace
9th Willow/Pottery Leather
10th Tin/Aluminum Diamond Jewelry
11th Steel Fashion Jewelry
12th Silk/Linen Pearls
13th Lace Textile Furs
14th Animals* Gold Jewelry
15th Crystal Watches
20th China Platinum
25th Silver Silver
30th Pearl Diamond
35th Coral Jade
40th Ruby Ruby
45th Sapphire Sapphire
50th Gold Gold
60th Diamond Diamond


So what do these gifts mean? Anniversary Ideas Step By Step has described the meaning for the traditional gifts above, but here are a few of my favorites:

Paper is given on the first year anniversary because “the first year of marriage is like a clean sheet of paper.” Paper has been used historically to record love in forms of stories, poems and letters and like those classic love stories before us, paper would be used  to write your love story to begin a new chapter in you life as a couple. Also, paper is delicate and can easily tear which accurately describes the beginning stages of marriage that if handled with care can grow stronger and strengthens over time.

Cotton‘s fibers are much more interwoven than that of paper and symbolizes how strong your marriage has become from the year before. As the days passes and you spend much more time together, your lives become intertwined- yet strong and soft like cotton, you become flexible as you learn to begin to shape your lives together.

Leather symbolizes protection and the strong bond the couple has with each other.

Wood symbolizes strength and wisdom and like a strong stable tree, your marriage has grown deep roots and has learned to grow through the lessons of everyday life.

Steel being one of the strongest metals symbolizes strength, permanence and a bond that cannot be easily broken.

Lace With the years that have passed, time and love creates a beautiful bond that marriage has helped built and that’s what lace represents.

Silver -Although no amount of silver can equate your love for each other, silver has always been precious and very valuable to man. Silver is strong, and symbolizes strength because silver stays strong through the tests of time under any situation, but yet can be flexible enough to be molded into something better.

Looking more into the traditional anniversary gifts above and reading about the meaning for each, I begin to notice that as each year passes, the elements become more intertwined, more durable, tough, solid, rare and much more beautiful just as every marriage is. And what I take from this post is love. Not only love each other, but love your marriage, care for it. When days are rough, stand strong like and remember like silver, your marriage can withstand all types of weather and can be flexible enough to be molded into something better.



Christmas Wedding

For the couples whose love story started on Christmas and wants that detail to stay alive on their wedding day, here’s some inspirational photos to kick off your perfect Christmas wedding. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: www.nicoandlala.blogspot.com

Photo Credit: www.indybride2b.com

Photo Credit: www.etsy.com

Photo Credit: http://www.mosseclectic.com

Photo Source: www.yupiu.com

Photo Source: www.unitedwithlove.com

Photo Source: www.thebridelink.com

Photo Source: www.popsugar.com

Photo Source: www.elegantweddinginvites.com

Photo Source: www.weddings.lovetoknow.com

Photo Source: www.decoradvisor.net

Photo Source: www.arinabphotography.com

Photo Source: www.knotsvilla.com

Photo Source: www.thedjservice.com

Photo Source: www.thelovelyfind.com

Photo Source: www.brit.co

Photo Source: www.greenweddingshoes.com

The Wedding Guestbook Photo Source: www.wedding.allwomenstalk.com

Photo Source: www.greenweddingshoes.com

Photo Source: www.ruffledblog.com

Do you have any Christmas wedding ideas to share? We’d love to see them. Send them to withloveandpetals@gmail.com to get featured.





Silly Love Games

I love how innocent young love is. So pure, so hopeful and bright. Always exciting and forever an adventure. When you’re young and discover what love is for the first time-or what you thought what love was, which probably was a deep like for another person-you feel all gushy inside, don’t you? Well at least I did. I’d write our names on my paper bag covered textbook (or equivalent) like : Mr. and Mrs. [insert last name here], your name LOVES their name, I love [insert last name here] written over and over and over and over. At some point you wonder if you’re meant for each other and start playing those silly little grade school games that require, a pencil, paper and simple addition. MASH. FLAMES. TRUE LOVE. Now how many of your remember that? Now that was a great childhood! Amen! I could just eat all these games up because they are all covered in cuteness. These games are not only nostalgic, but a great way to keep your guest entertained.




Mash is a two-player game and is designed to do one thing, to predict a couple’s future from what house they will be living in, to how many kids will they have. MASH is an acronym for Mansion, Apartment, Shack/Street/Shed/Sewers, and House. It’s always fun to play and I still play this to the day. 😀

Mashplush.com has an easy to follow tutorial on how to play MASH. For that tutorial Click Here.



FLAMES is the first love game that was introduced to me. It’s fairly easy to play. You write your full name as well as the full name of your crush. Cross out the letters that are found in both names and then count the letters that remain. Now that is the magic number you count with. In the example above, the magic number is 9, so every 9th letter is crossed off and the letter that remains describes your future. Friends, Lovers, Anger, Marriage, Engagement, and Soulmates.

True Love



True Love was one of the games that I used to settle the score! 2 out of 3 then these games should tell the truth right?! Ha! Well, at 8-12 it pretty much well be. In True Love, this game starts off similar to FLAMES. You’d write both of your full names, but this time, look for each letter. How many T’s, R’s, U’s, E’s, L’s… you get the picture. then you add up the numbers. A high number indicated that you have a high percentage of True Love and a low percentage predicts there isn’t a lot of true love in the match.

Writing this post really did bring back memories of the 90’s and it would make a fun game at your wedding. It would spark conversation and possibly keep these childhood games alive. Let’s make a movement to keep these childhood games alive, to keep love on top, and remind us of how love can be fun and full of surprises.

Did you play any other childhood games involving love? Let’s talk!


Melissa & TJ’s Romantic DIY Iowa Wedding

Melissa and TJ’s wedding was hands down, a “Romantic DIY Iowa Wedding” as Amy from Homespun Creative Photography put it. Melissa’s bouquet was a simple one, but it did speak volumes. Volumes of love that is. While Melissa’s bouquet was made out of the couples love letters, the grooms boutonniere had text from their favorite bible quote. Melissa and TJ was surrounded by every inch of their love. They were surrounded by their nearest and dearest, and had the greatest love of all, each other’s love for a lifetime.












Congratulations Melissa and TJ! May this new start, bring all the joy and happiness in your life. Wish you lots of love filled with the sweetness of newly married life.

For more photos on Melissa and TJ’s wedding click here

Photo Credit: Homespun Creative Photography
Wedding gown: watterswtoo
Flower crown: gardensofwhimsy
Boutonniere’s and Bridal Bouquet: With Love & Petals

Melissa’s wedding bouquet: Shabby Chic Book Page Paper Rose Bouquet
TJ’s and Groomsmen boutonnieres: The Brian Ivory Shabby Chic Rustic Boutonniere


To First Look Or Not To First Look

To first look or not to first look, that is the question. It all depends on what type of person you are. Way back then, the first look was a no-no because a few believed that it was bad luck to see the groom or bride before the wedding. Nowadays, it isn’t so much. I’ve seen the first look in three different ways. The first being truly a first look where the groom stands on one end of the aisle and the bride on the other. The second, a private setting, where the bride and groom stand back to back and turns around at the same time. And finally the last- which is more of a type of the second, but deserves it’s own category, is taking the first look and making it more of a meeting.  As earlier mentioned, it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Some couples meet beforehand with the grooms eyes blindfolded or eyes shut and others meet, but don’t have a first look, but a first touch by staying on their side of the wall or door.

I love the idea of having a first look. It’s romantic and really sets the tone for your wedding on more of an emotional level and it’s the moment where true love really surfaces. If you do choose to have that first look or not too, it’s up to you. Find a look and moment that suits you and when you look back at the photos years from now. You’ll see that same look in your loved ones eyes as you do now.

And as always, here are a few photos for inspiration. Enjoy!

Photo Source: www.mybridalpix.com cvfr4


Photo Source: www.mymodernmet.com


Photo Source: www.myhotelwedding.com


Photo Source: www.rawphotodesign.com


Photo Source: www.healthontherun.net


Photo Source: www.hunterphotographic.com


Photo Source: www.greenweddingshoes.com


Photo Source: www.southernweddings.com


Photo Source: www.shaylahawkinsevents.blogspot.com


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Photo Source: www.doorcountybride.com


Photo Source: www.maddiemoree.com


Photo Source: www.girlywedding.com


Photo Credit: Picturesque Photo Video


Photo Source: www.junebugweddings.com


Photo Credit: www.annelimarinovich.com


Photo Source: www.stephandcody.com


Photo Credit: www.sarahdeshaw.com


Photo Credit: www.lightlyphoto.com


Photo Source: www.stephanienunley.com


Photo Source: www.greenweddingshoes.com


Photo Credit: www.shainakoren.com


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Photo Source: www.projectwedding.com


Photo Source: www.perfectweddingguide.com


Photo Source: www.theknottybride.com

Photo Source: www.bridebox.com





Father-Daughter Photos That Will Make You Cry

There are two moments that never fail to hit me hard at a wedding. The first is the moment the brides father walks his little girl down the aisle and the second being the Father-Daughter Dance. All her life, he watched over her. Kissed her boo-boo’s, scared off boyfriends (of course with good reason and good intentions) and that first moment dad sees his baby girl on her wedding day, emotions come loose. I would imagine it’s a mix of everything to you could ever think of with a heaping serving of never grow up, where’s the rewind button?  As a child, my father never showed his emotions and because of that, I did not expect tears from him on my wedding day, but during the Father-Daughter Dance, right when he stepped on the dance floor, he started crying. He could hardly form his words, he could not move. For three and a half minutes, tears, stories, little to no dancing, but  for the first time, I felt what he felt and I will remember that moment for a lifetime.

To all the father’s all around the world, from all the brides all around the world, there are no words to express how we feel, we’ve all grown up, but will never grow out of love for you.

Photo Source: www.huffingtonpost.com


Photo Credit: www.triaddj.com/


Photo Source: www.junebugweddings.com


Photo Source: www.nakaiphotography.com


Photo Source: www.nataliefranke.com


Photo Source: www.stevekoophotography.com


Photo Source: www.dancebands.com


Photo Source: .http://bowerbirdphotography.com/


Photo Source: www.brides.com


Photo Source: www.weddingbee.com


Photo Source: www.loveandlobster.com


Via www.pinterest.com


Via www.monyetnyengir.com


Via www.bridebox.com


Via www.phillymag.com/


Via www.pinterest.com


Photo Credit: www.wirkenphoto.com


Via www.pinterest.com


Photo Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Extraordinary moment paralysed man WALKED 30 steps and stood to give his father of-the-bride speech at his daughter’s wedding – powered by a robotic suit

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2765203/Incredible-feat-tetraplegic-man-walks-30-paces-stands-father-bride-speech-daughter-s-wedding-powered-robotic-suit.html#ixzz3rv3Omt9U
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Did your dad cry at your wedding? Share your father-daughter moment with us.




Jason & Noreen


I’ve known Jason, Cheeks as what my brother would call him, for years now. He was one of my brothers best friends and when I heard that Jason and Noreen were engaged, I couldn’t be any happier for the both of them. Jason proposed to Noreen on one of the worlds most romantic places- Hawaii and now here we are reminiscing about their wedding day. Congratulations Noreen and Jason! We wish you lots of love today, forever and always. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day.

11168093_10102062054338978_6431917751868147485_o 11267347_10102062054279098_6334010152560546349_o 11109549_10102062054214228_8333911761075799316_o
11011064_10102062051973718_8828613478667911259_o 11728855_10102062049693288_5824020008615835386_o 11698725_10102062049518638_4119941763509407648_o 11411616_10102062049199278_5551483050573526229_o
11227649_10102062055491668_1765122905852590381_o 11713683_10102062055481688_3039408905539959489_o
Noreen and jason nnoreen and jason
11713691_10102062053979698_1243067403441764794_o 11148664_10102062053810038_6987399958661221069_o 11722090_10102062053730198_8101523383473032028_o 11707868_10102062052113438_8448641686433190792_o 11741283_10102062053645368_3675641473095734206_o
11696430_10102062062053518_8277008273537441545_o11056551_10102062060791048_4122461080632570884_o11110178_10102062060711208_4594107249191412656_o11123551_1062286363785976_3506163532600851822_o  1799934_1062287150452564_6102612752360872226_o
Wedding Photographer & Videographer: Z.Ativity Productions
Reception and Ceremony: Martin Johnson House – Scripps
Floral Vendor: With Love & Petals

All of Jason and Noreen’s paper flowers were custom made by yours truly and their wedding package included the following:

Bridal Bouquet
Bridesmaids Bouquet
Boutonnière 1
Boutonnière 2
Boutonnière 3
Boutonnière 4
Mini Book Page Bouquets
25 Single Book Page Roses
Corsages for the sponsors

Katrina & Gabe

Photo Credit: Ryan Sin Photography

Photo Credit: Ryan Sin Photography


Photo Credit: Ryan Sin Photography

Katrina and Gabe are truly a match made in heaven-you can see it in their eyes when they look at each other and not to mention the photos Ryan Sin took of their intimate outdoor wedding were beautifully captured. Katrina & Gabe, congratulations. We wish you lots of love and a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day.

Second Shooter: Gordon Mak
Venue: Tilden Park & Tilden Park Botanic Gardens
Catering: Curry Up Now
Book Page Bouquet and Boutonniere’s: With Love & Petals

For more photos of Katrina and Gabe’s Wedding from Ryan Sin Photography, click here.