Favorite Color Palettes


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Other than family, friends and love, wedding planning begins with a theme and colors. It’s one of the hardest decisions to make as a bride, but thank goodness for google and pinterest, our visions can be easily thought out. Am I right ladies?

Wedding trends? Let’s see. It’s always fun to chase wedding trends, but if the trend does not strongly reflect you as a couple then I’d choose something else. I think it’s important to go with wedding colors that mean something to you and not colors that others will tell you to go with.

When choosing wedding colors or themes think of these things:

  1. Your favorite color.
  2. Colors that have a sentimental value. Are they associated with a specific memory, like your parents or grandparents color theme or a favorite food/dish/smell/taste.

These things will make your wedding that much more special.

As far as colors go, here are a few of my favorite memories reflected in inspiration boards from our favorite websites.

Photo Source: www.belleandchic.com


Photo Source: ww.reneenicolephotography.com


Photo Source: www.belleandchic.com



Photo Source: www.thebridescafe.com


Photo Source: www.fabmood.com

Photo Source: www.tulleandchantilly.com


Photo Source: www.theperfectpalette.com


Photo Source: www.thebridelink.com


Photo Source: www.chicvintagebrides.com


Photo Source: ww.chicvintagebrides.com


Photo Source: www.fabmood.com


Photo Source: www.pinterest.com


Photo Source: www.burnettsboards.com


Photo Source: www.pinterest.com


Photo Source: www.magnetstreet.com


Photo Source: www.eleganceandenchantment.com


Photo Source: www.chicvintagebrides.com


Photo Source: www.styleinsimplicity.com


Photo Source: ww.pinterest.com


Weddings are about celebrating love and it’s one of the best memories you’ll ever have in your lifetime. Don’t get consumed by the looks of things- as we often do, but reflect all that makes the both of you, you and you’ll fill those memories with so much more feeling you won’t even have to say a word about that day.


How To Apply False Eyelashes

Photo Source: www.besthealthmag.ca

With DIY weddings on the rise, a lot of brides are gravitating towards applying their own make up. Getting your make up done professionally may cost an arm and a leg, and for some, that’s worth it because maybe you/they just don’t have the talent for it no matter how many YouTube video’s you watch. For the lucky ones we have enough make up experience to get by.

For me, I really love it when the eyes *POP*. You can tell a lot about a person’s soul and innermost feelings by looking at someone’s eyes, that’s why they’re my favorite. So how do you make your eyes *POP*, look bigger, and lighter?

  1. Use eyeliner.
  2. False Eyelashes.

There are a lot of different eyelashes out there and www. gurl.com has made a cheat sheet if you will to help you decide which ones are best for your eye shape.


Photo Source: www.gurl.com

So how do you apply false eyelashes? Here a few simple steps.

  1. Support: Your falsies need to have some support, that’s where mascara comes in. By applying a thin coat of mascara and curling them a bit, you give your falsies just what it needs, support. Also, by curling them a bit, it easily blends your real lashes to your falsies creating one uniform look. Let’s be real, you don’t want to have two sets of lashes, one straight and one curled up. 🙂
  2. Size them up: No two eyes are the same. Especially on different people. Because of this, eyelashes come slightly longer than the average eye (at least for mine). What you want to do is to trim them to fit your eyes as best as possible. Line the eyelash to your eye for reference and gently cut the excess lashes off. TIP: be sure to cut from the outer lash.
  3. Glue to be true: Apply an appropriate amount of glue to the base of the lashes. I like to use this:

    Photo Source: www.ulta.com

    It’s the only glue I’ve ever worked with and I am very happy with it. It’s easy to find and should be available at any drugstore, walmart, target, and Ulta. If not, there’s always Amazon. :). Be careful not to squeeze too much glue out on your lashes because you don’t want some to ooze on to the hairs. It’s a pain to get out and it will distort your lashes and you’ll get a funky look that isn’t cute. I like to fist apply the glue to the stick part of a q-tip so you can control the amount to apply better. It helps out a lot, trust me.

  4. *POP*: Carefully and ever so gently put the lashes on and wait for them to dry.

Putting on lashes takes a bit of practice, but you’ll get the hang of it. Here’s a great video tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes for beginners by makeupD0LL.

Remember, practice makes perfect.

Stay beautiful!




3 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Yours & Not Your Mom’s

OOo wee! Mom is on double duty and is in full effect when it comes to including a healthy amount of suggestions about your wedding. How would you control the situation without piercing a dagger through her heart? Here are a few suggestions on how to keep a healthy balance of input from those who care a little too much.

  1. If you have a wedding planner, let her know. Chances are your wedding planner has experience when handling a situation such as this. Let her know how you’d like things to be handled and when he/she can interfere when things get a little rough.
  2. Try to get all of the important details squared away with your wedding vendors ahead of time. Once the contract has been signed and the down payment has been paid, you can pretty much consider it being done.
  3. It may be time to bring in those trusty bridesmaids of yours. After all, it is one of their duties. They can help you distract mother dearest and have her focus on the more important tasks that brides need to be done. We’ll let you figure that one out.

Well brides, those are our TOP 3 ways we think would help alleviate some of the pressure from mother dearest, but remember, your mother loves you and only wants what’s best for you and maybe what is perfect for her, isn’t always what’s perfect for you. Be patient by Petal Tribe, find common ground and find ways to incorporate her wishes. This day is much hers as it is yours.

Do you have any mommy dearest stories? How did you handle it and what did you do? Let us know.




Dare To Be Different-Colored Wedding Dresses

One of the best things about planning a wedding is going dress shopping. I myself wished I had the courage to be different. I dreamed of having a blush wedding dress-free falling, smooth, light, airy, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger and went the traditional route. If I had to do it all over again. I would choose blush all the way. Here are a few colored wedding dresses for those dare-to-be-different brides out there. Enjoy!


Photo Source: www.phillyinlove.com


Photo Source: www.brit.co


Photo Source: www.buzzfeed.com


Photo Source: www.vivabellaevents.com


Photo Source: www.eoalkds.blogspot.com


Photo Source. www.pinterest.com


Photo Source: www.hillsweddingdress.xyz


Photo Source: www.www.phillyinlove.com


Photo Source: www.onewed.com


Photo Source: www.davidsbridal.com


Photo Source: www.blog.hipiti.com


Photo Source: www.winterbluemusic.com


Photo Source: www.blog.fabulouslychicevents.com


Photo Source: www.brit.co


Photo Source: www.weddingbee.com


Photo Source: www. onewed.com


Photo Credit: www.verawang.com


Photo Source: www.amandajudgeny.com


Photo Source: www.colorado.perfectweddingguide.com


Photo Source: www.stylishwife.com


See what I mean?! Aren’t these gorgeous? My advice to those who are torn about going with a colored wedding dress or not is to go with what you want. YOU DO YOU. If it makes you happy, go for it. Do what you love, get what you love. Hands down. #bridepower 🙂

Did any of you go for the colored wedding dress alternative? Share your thoughts with us. We’d love to hear from you.



Six Wedding Dress Fitting Tips

You found your dress and it just needs to be adjusted a little here and a little there. Here are a few tips to make your dress fitting experience as smooth as possible.

  1. Start with a dress size in YOUR size
    • Although it is possible to adjust a dress to fit your figure perfectly, it is best to present the seamstress with a proper starting point don’t you think? Choosing a dress as close to your natural size makes it easier for the seamstress to make the necessary alterations. Keep in mind, that it is easier to take in a dress than let it out. There are materials out there (such as silk) that are not too forgiving when it comes to concealing their previous seams and will leave those scars for all to see. Also, there might not be enough fabric available to make the necessary adjustments. Keeping these two things in mind will help your experience become more pleasant.
  2. Taking In > Taking Out
    • As mentioned above, it is easier to take in a dress than let it out, especially if you don’t want your dress to have the scars of once before. Key tip: If a dress doesn’t fit you perfectly and you do need to make further adjustments, buy the dress that fits best on the biggest part of your body so there is no taking out but only taking in.
  3. Go to a reputable tailor.
    • Just that. This is your day and this is thee dress. Go with someone who has put in the and knows what they are doing.
  4. Tell seamstress about future body changes.
    • If you are planning to lose a few more pounds before the big day, let them know so they can strategize on the best way to approach the situation. The final goal for both parties is to look good, feel good and be happy and here, communication is the key.
  5. Wear the secret outfit

    • Ladies, this is a very important detail that must not be overlooked. It’s just underwear, it’s thin enough and small enough not to do any damage right? But honey, that’s all it takes. Bring your “the night of the wedding outfit” and get fitted the right way. We’re aiming for perfection here am I right?
  6. Wedding Shoes
    • If you haven’t gotten them already, think about getting your wedding shoes before the fitting. Wedding dresses are tailored to be a certain length above the floor. Hovering right over your shoes, just enough so you do not trip over your dress.

I hope these tips prepare you for a perfect dress fitting experience. Do you have any other tips to add to this list? Share your experience with us.


Our Anniversary & Birthday Giveaway!

Our Instagram Giveaway!

Photo Credit: Photography West

Photo Credit: Photography West

I cannot believe how fast time flew by. It’s already March and we have tons to celebrate! For one thing our With Love & Petals anniversary and YES my birthday and what better way to celebrate than to kick it off with a beautiful book page giveaway? (a $150 value)

For details on how to enter, go to our instagram and look for this post. 🙂


We’re Back!

After a couple of months of silence we are officially back my Petals and it feels good to be back!
Why were we gone? All parents out there can agree with me, that when your child enters their toddler years, with curiosity at its peak (or at least it feels like it) times are scarce. Especially with a full-time job and a business to run I should add (I’m totally super mom right now). I love my son and I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for that special bond we are building especially during these times. I often find myself looking at him and it just amazes me how fast he is learning and I just think, when did this happen? Didn’t I just give birth to you yesterday?
NMA’s favorite toys right now are cars, but if those cardboard juice boxes are nearby, he’ll ditch his favorite car and go for the box. He loves Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, dancing and opening and closing movie or TV show credits and commercials (YES, I know?!?!). And he just started started saying “hi” and “bye” Father time, can you slow down just a minute, please.
Businesswise, things are going FANTASTIC! I’ve been hitting my goals for the past couple of months and the amount of weddings we are participating in have increased dramatically since last year. Creativity is at it’s height and you’ll begin to see new items in our etsy shop being added here and there so be sure to visit.
What can you expect to see in the near future for us? The first being more giveaways! So for all you bibliophiles and future Petals, be sure to follow us on Instagram (@withloveandpetals) and you won’t miss your chance to own one of our lovely beauties. Second, more features! Thanks to you and your feedback, we’ve received a hug full of With Love & Petals wedding photos. That we’ve been saving for the new year. Third, we’ve looked into a new process to get your items to you faster, of course with the same up high lovely quality. And lastly, you will see incremental changes to our look on our website and supporting business designs as far as shipping inserts, looks and business card. Everything is so amazing, so please stick around and watch us transform into greatness.

With 2015 at a close, we are on cloud nine (maybe even 11 or 12) with all the love we are receiving and it is because of YOU we are here. You are the reason we can do what we love and we thank you.








Pregnant Bridesmaids

So one of your bridesmaids are pregnant, how exciting! It is ok to feel nervous about her being pregnant in time of the wedding, but no need to ask her to step down from the honor just yet. Bringing new life into this world is one of God’s greatest gift so let’s embrace this new experience as you both share life changing moments with each other.

As one of her best friends, she will need that extra love and support through this new experience. How can you be supportive you ask? We all know timelines are very crucial when planning a wedding and attendance is key. As a bride, remember pregnancy isn’t just carrying a baby, but it is very demanding physically, mentally and emotionally. Remind yourself that they will have mandatory checkups and could give birth at anytime, depending on how far along she is of course. For some, timelines could be stressful, so try to keep mommy-to-be’s stress level down to ensure baby’s healthy development. Keeping physical demands at a minimum would be helpful in doing so.

See how much mommy to be can handle and let he know it’s ok. Let her know that the most important thing is knowing that her and baby are safe and if she does need to step down from her bridesmaid’s duties, your life will not be over. Allow herself to determine if she needs to step down from her bridesmaid (or maid of honor) duties. Only she knows how much she can handle and she will let you know if she won’t be able to participate or not.

Mommies to be, if you are asked to be in a wedding, let the bride know you’re expecting as soon as possible so the plans can be adjusted if need be. You’re bodies are going through some major changes about now, but don’t let this experience bring you down. By informing her earlier, your load may be lessened, you dress will fit you better and awkward moments will be at a minimum.

As always, here are some inspirational photos that show off that baby bump beautifully.

Photo Source: www.claytonladuerotary.org


Photo Source: www.glendaloughmanor.com


Photo Source: www.bigfatcake.com


Photo Source: www.glamour.com


Photo Source: www.aisleperfect.com


Photo Source: www.bellyitchblog.com


Photo Source: www.dressesinbuy.com


Photo Source: www.theknot.com


Photo Source: www.pinterest.com


Photo Source: www.pinterest.com


Photo Source: www.aisleperfect.com


Photo Source: www.pinterest.com

Photo Source: www.weddingclub.com.au


Photo Source: www.blog.mattshumate.com

Weddings are a time to celebrate a new life shared with love. Sharing a moment like this is huge! With Love & Petals sends our love to you all and would love to hear about your experience. Share in a comment below.


Lauren & Tyler

Wedding Date: 10/24/15

Lauren & Tyler-1007

Lauren & Tyler-1023

My very best friend starting working for his company. In the interview with him she said she was thinking “That is Lauren’s husband.” I was seeing someone at the time, so she waited until I wasn’t. Then being the sly cat that she was, set us up on a blind date and we didn’t even realize it at the time. We hit it off, and a week later he asked if I wanted to come over and meet his cats Rachel and Phoebe (PS I am a Friends FANATIC!). Yes, that line worked. We visited all evening. The next evening we had our first date. We sat down at the table… it got kind of awkward. So, he said you could probably just kiss me now. After that we were inseparable. Two and a half years later (I was getting a little antsy), we went on a vacation to Montana. That is where is mother grew up. The best day of my life he took me up on the top of a mountain and asked me the best question I could imagine. =) We had a 15 month engagement because I wanted a fall wedding. The wedding was perfect. His dad got ordained and married us. We were surrounded by our favorite people and declared our love for each other. Then we all danced the night away.

Lauren & Tyler-1267

My favorite memory is of us holding hands before the wedding without seeing each other. It just made everything seem okay and no stress.

Lauren & Tyler-1044

I am a crazy Harry Potter fan. I incorporated a lot of that into it. My bouquet was made out of the Deathly Hallows. It was GORGEOUS. The boutonniere were made out of the same book. My husband had the ‘After All This Time? Always.’ quote visible on it. If you haven’t read Harry Potter, just know it is probably the most romantic quote of all time!

Lauren & Tyler-1132

Lauren & Tyler-1178

I was worried marriage wouldn’t change much. We lived together, shared finances… for all intents and purposes we were married. However, it does change. I can’t imagine loving him more. Knowing that we made that commitment in front of everyone, changes the dynamic.

Walking down the aisle and seeing my future husband for the first time was the best feeling I could probably imagine. It’s all a little blurry, and I don’t remember every single detail. I just remember thinking ‘how could anyone not be sure about him?’ We are absolutely perfect together, and I am so lucky that we found each other.

Lauren & Tyler-1179 Lauren & Tyler-1207

The best thing about being married is knowing that the love of my life is mine FOREVER. That I have a partner to do life together. To celebrate the good and lean on each other during the bad.

Lauren & Tyler-1225

Lauren & Tyler-1279

When I called Tyler my husband for the first time, it felt very odd. Not even being married a month, it still feels odd. I almost feel when I say it that people think I am saying it just to say it. If that makes any sense.

Lauren & Tyler-1290  Lauren & Tyler-1391 Lauren & Tyler-1512 Lauren & Tyler-1546 Lauren & Tyler-1723 Lauren & Tyler-1756 Lauren & Tyler-1772 Lauren & Tyler-1795 Lauren & Tyler-1957 Lauren & Tyler-2036 Lauren & Tyler-2046

Lauren & Tyler-1359

My advice for other newlyweds is to don’t take each other for granted, never stop dating, pick your battles, know that marriage is work. You may not always like each other, but it’s worth fighting for!

Lauren & Tyler-2066

Catering – Whole Foods
Photography – Epic Photography (Tulsa, OK)
DJ – Excellent Entertainment Pro DJ’s and Emcees (Tulsa, OK)
Make up – Lauren Fox Wade MUA

Lauren & Tyler went with our Harry Potter Purple Themed Book Page Bouquet and our The Brian Ivory Shabby Chic Rustic Boutonniere  to match.

Wedding Shoes

They’re on your feet and probably won’t be seen by the majority, but you know it’s there. It’s your shoes silly. Just as your wedding dress, your shoes are just as important. It’s what completes an outfit. It helps finalize fittings and determines your comfortability. Now, should you compromise comfortability for look? Or should you tough it out for pictures and switch them out come dance time? It’s your decision. Shoes don’t make the bride, but they sure do help them look good!

Enjoy a few of our favorite picks.

Photo Source: www.jonathanivyphoto.com


Photo Source: www.angweddingsandevents.com


Photo Source: www.merleonline.com


Photo Source: www.2016weddingdress.com

Photo Source: www.style160.com


Photo Source: www.higezan.blogspot.com


Photo Source: www.weddingrepublic.com


Photo Source: www.glamour.com





Photo Source: www.weddbook.com


Photo Source: www.moderoute.com


Photo Source: www.shefinds.com


Photo Source: www.stylesmegz.com


Photo Source: www.shelookbook.com


Photo Source: www.elegantweddinginvites.com



Photo Source: www.footwearnews.com