About Us

While With Love & Petals started off as a simple project just for fun, With Love and Petals helped design paper flowers for many couples for their special occasion.  Not limiting ourselves to weddings, we’ve participated in workshops, charity events, and personal parties and we’ve worked with New York Times Best Selling Authors and award winning, international photographers. We designed a company that not only provides individuals with paper flowers, but we provide you with lasting memories that will touch peoples lives.

What makes our business stand out is that the heart of my materials hold a sentimental value. Just as each of my products are built with love, the materials my clients choose to use hold a significant place in their hearts. I’ve had a chance to work with love letters, sheet music where a brides soon-to-be-husband composed a song especially for their first dance as husband and wife, and even turned an authors book into his brides bouquet

We are all about about creating beautiful handmade paper flowers for the in love, dare to be different, unusually sweet type of individuals. Each petal is cut and assembled using only scissors, a glue gun, our two hands and of course lots of love. We are centered on creating lasting memories with our signature love letter and book page bouquets and would love to be a part of your special day.