Meet the Birthday Girl!

“Research Associate by day and above all a wife and mother.” -Birthday Girl


Research Associate, yes. I’ve been an RA in R&D for about 2 years now at a Diagnostic company in San Diego, CA. I really enjoy my job there, which I’m finding out is a rare thing these days. Once my 9a-6p workday ends, I turn the lab rat switch off put on my Crafting Mommy Hat. I’m a new mom of a guwapo (from the Filipino word guapo , meaning ‘handsome’ as my mother would say) son, Nolan. Being a new mom… I can’t describe the feeling. More than happy, more than blessed, happy blessed with butterflies in my tummy, smiling eyes and 19 trillion┬ámore steps above the feeling when you meet your first grade school love who kisses you on the cheek. Wow, now doesn’t that take you back. Speaking of grade school love, I married mine and he’s wonderful. He supports me, loves me and brings out the best in me. He’s all the good things a husband should have and more. I love people who bring out the best in others. Individuals who have a positive outlook in life and make life fun and interesting. Life is to precious to waste on being selfish and having a “me only” attitude. It’s so much more rewarding when you’re sharing your life loving someone else, making someone laugh and helping those in need. Extending your love reach far beyond people you know. We are put here with love so might as well sprinkle it all around like candy on Halloween (no tricks included). I consider myself to be messy organized, I am definitely NOT a morning person, I’m terrified of bees, my favorite flowers are roses-the light purple kind and I am 5’2″ wishing I were at least 5’7″ because most dresses are too long for me to wear. I would LOVE to travel the world. I feel most comfortable in a t-shirt and sweats or tights, I recycle everything I can and throw everything I can in compost and I think everyone should. My birthday is on April 1, (TODAY!) and coffee, chocolate… YUM! Oh, and I do a little crafting on the side.


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