Favorite Color Palettes

  Other than family, friends and love, wedding planning begins with a theme and colors. It’s one of the hardest decisions to make as a bride, but thank goodness for google and pinterest, our visions can be easily thought out. Am I right ladies? Wedding trends? Let’s see. It’s always fun to chase wedding trends, […]


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OOo wee! Mom is on double duty and is in full effect when it comes to including a healthy amount of suggestions about your wedding. How would you control the situation without piercing a dagger through her heart? Here are a few suggestions on how to keep a healthy balance of input from those who […]

Colored wedding dresses

One of the best things about planning a wedding is going dress shopping. I myself wished I had the courage to be different. I dreamed of having a blush wedding dress-free falling, smooth, light, airy, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger and went the traditional route. If I had to do it all over […]



How To Apply False Eyelashes

With DIY weddings on the rise, a lot of brides are gravitating towards applying their own make up. Getting your make up done professionally may cost an arm and a leg, and for some, that’s worth it because maybe you/they just don’t have the talent for it no matter how many YouTube video’s you watch. […]

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Six Wedding Dress Fitting Tips

You found your dress and it just needs to be adjusted a little here and a little there. Here are a few tips to make your dress fitting experience as smooth as possible. Start with a dress size in YOUR size Although it is possible to adjust a dress to fit your figure perfectly, it is […]

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Our Anniversary & Birthday Giveaway!

Our Instagram Giveaway! I cannot believe how fast time flew by. It’s already March and we have tons to celebrate! For one thing our With Love & Petals anniversary and YES my birthday and what better way to celebrate than to kick it off with a beautiful book page giveaway? (a $150 value) For details […]


We’re Back!

After a couple of months of silence we are officially back my Petals and it feels good to be back! Why were we gone? All parents out there can agree with me, that when your child enters their toddler years, with curiosity at its peak (or at least it feels like it) times are scarce. […]

my pregnant bridesmaid

Pregnant Bridesmaids

So one of your bridesmaids are pregnant, how exciting! It is ok to feel nervous about her being pregnant in time of the wedding, but no need to ask her to step down from the honor just yet. Bringing new life into this world is one of God’s greatest gift so let’s embrace this new experience […]

Lauren & Tyler-1023

Lauren & Tyler

Wedding Date: 10/24/15 My very best friend starting working for his company. In the interview with him she said she was thinking “That is Lauren’s husband.” I was seeing someone at the time, so she waited until I wasn’t. Then being the sly cat that she was, set us up on a blind date and we […]

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Wedding Shoes

They’re on your feet and probably won’t be seen by the majority, but you know it’s there. It’s your shoes silly. Just as your wedding dress, your shoes are just as important. It’s what completes an outfit. It helps finalize fittings and determines your comfortability. Now, should you compromise comfortability for look? Or should you tough it […]


Whitney & Christopher

There is something about elopements that get me all squishy inside and Whitney & Christopher’s elopment just put me over the top. Whitney & Christopher’s love filled the air when they tied the knot privately surrounded by California’s redwoods in Shelter Cove, California. Congratulations Whitney & Christopher! Your greatest adventure has just begun! We wish you a […]


Custom DIY Napkins

As a bride, you want to customize every single detail to fit you and your soulmate’s life. Include favorite colors, love letters into your flowers (yes we can do that), monograms, programs, dishes and even down to having your names put on napkins that your guests will use during cocktail hour. We’ve stumbled upon an easy […]