Wedding Planning With Thirty Day Dash

If you find yourself stuck in the cycle of pinterest overload, constantly changing your color scheme, and swooning over the bouquets that With Love and Petals makes, get ready for a truth bomb! Planning and styling a wedding is not an easy feat these days. It’s hard to know where to begin and even harder […]


*And the trumpets they go* It’s time to announce your wedding. As a general rule, six months is a good time to have your Save The Dates sent to your wedding guests especially if you are inviting out of towners or having a destination wedding so your guests will have the extra time to make necessary arrangements. […]

In this generation, apps are on the rise. Photo apps, Social Media Apps, Money Managing Apps and Wedding Apps are out there to help you be entertained and organized. There are so many wedding apps out there, so how do you know which one is the best one? Our friend Isa from Culture Coverage has […]


Ode to Bruno Mars

  Can I just have one post about Bruno Mars’s song 24 Karat Magic! Right now, it’s my favorite song of all time and I think it has the right balance, of modern times and old school funk that it will get your wedding guests up out of the chair and dancing on the dance […]

Billie & Billy

Wedding Date: 12/27/15 It felt insanely crazy! I couldn’t believe we were finally married. What is love? Can love really be explained? As I see it, there are two ways to answer that without going into detail. There is the yes group and there is the no group. For me, love cannot be descried or […]

Marasala, I’m In Love

    Picking a wedding color is one of the hardest decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding, so pick your favorite. May I suggest Marasala? To me, marasala is the perfect statement color. It has a softer bold statement than red and it matches with red wine! HA! It reflects the right amount of pop […]

Literary Themed Wedding

Being a book page paper flower artist, I get a lot of request about literary wedding themes from award winning authors and book lovers. My advice, is to keep it simple. Don’t stray away from your wedding theme too much and focus on what’s important. With planning a wedding, a well as other things, you may […]

Maria & Dalton

Wedding Date: 08/15/2015 It’s been a little bit over a year since these two beautiful souls got married. Let’s go down memory lane and go back to the day their lives changed and forever began. 1. Tell us about all about it. Your relationship, proposal and wedding. How did you know you found the love of […]

Signature Drinks

Signature drinks are a nice touch to make your wedding so much more special. It’s something your guests will remember especially if you name the drink after yourselves- The *insert last name here* cocktail or name it after something that will grab peoples attention, but still holds a true meaning of your love like, Can’t Keep […]

Paper Flower Backdrop Ideas

Not a lot of us can splurge on a flower backdrop just like Kim & Kanye, but you can craft them to last forever. I’ve always wanted to make a paper flower wall and wished that I made one for my wedding day (there’s always the vow renewal right ladies?) because they’re just so BEAUTIFUL! For those […]

Orchideous: A Harry Potter Wedding

I don’t know about you, but I love Harry Potter. The books and the movies are all great pieces of art. With the love of Harry Potter on the rise, the more J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series influences wedding themes. I can’t tell you how many Harry Potter themed weddings I have been blessed to […]

Favorite Color Palettes

  Other than family, friends and love, wedding planning begins with a theme and colors. It’s one of the hardest decisions to make as a bride, but thank goodness for google and pinterest, our visions can be easily thought out. Am I right ladies? Wedding trends? Let’s see. It’s always fun to chase wedding trends, […]